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06 February 2008

Musical Censorship

Today,whilst I was reading the news in Ynet I stumbled upon an article announcing the commercial release of the long awaited film "Control",which is a dramatized version of the life (and suicide) of Ian Curtis,singer of Joy Division,Poet,Icon,Genius and officially Tortured Soul.
The article itself was informative but I couldn't help notice a small,but annoying mistake,you see,the folks @ Ynet portrayed the movie as a documentary,which wasn't the case as people who really like the band (or at least it's genre) know that it's a drama,and so I wrote a comment informing about the mistake and expressing my enthusiasm of seeing the movie in the near future,and i checked the website hours again only to found they deleted the word "Documentary" and didn't publish my comment,the bastards,I guess the biggest news website in Israel didn't wanted to be portrayed as a bunch of musical know-nothings...or that I'm just a smartass with too much free time...

Now i have a semester holiday and some spare time for my musings and rants to match...

Today's Song: Atmosphere - Joy Division
Today's Quote: The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

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