My life under the iron rain

27 October 2006

Black "Celebration"

Good morning to the nonexistent readers of this blog,I'm now resting after a nice monthly party of the Israeli Depeche Mode Fanclub ,it was fun,except for the sound,as usual,sometimes too loud,and sometimes you can hear yourself (and others) sing a beautiful song like a bunch of cats in a dark alley at night.
Anyway here is an official t-shirt from their last tour which i bought in last month's party:

Nice color,nice pic,looking good as usual...

And now let's look at the back of the shirt:

Lots of countries,Depeche are popular in more and more places...but wait,i see there's something that catches my eye...

Well,of course,our small country is listed right at the end,just i want to share with you a little fact about that concert in never took place!!!

Me and other hundreds,if not thousands of Israeli fans were full of joy when in December of 2005 Depeche Mode announced a long anticipated first concert ever in Israel,and we rushed to buy the tickets with 10-9 months in advance.

The months passed and we eagerly waited for the 3rd of August,but then the war in Lebanon erupted (I won't discuss about it in this post) and the eagerness was replaced with lots and lots of worries,but the band assured they will come,and if they announced it,it will eventually happen,right?

Well,as you know,and lots of us still remember,the show was canceled just THREE (3!) days before it was supposed to take place,and because it was supposed to be the final gig of the tour it was impossible to reschedule it.

The months passed,and now I know that my bitterness because of it,though justified,was also exaggerated,still,i feel a little pinch in my heart when i see that little ISRAEL in the list,or when I stumble by chance upon a note about the gig written before it,I still hope someday will come and I will have the pleasure to see my favorite band in my country.

The only thing that still pisses me off is when stupid people say to me:"I'm sure you felt REAL BAD when they canceled the show".

Today's Song: The Sun and the Rainfall - Depeche Mode
Today's Quote: Out of my mind. Back in five minutes!

26 October 2006

Labor Accidents

I have a little confession to make,I'm a member of the (Israeli) Labor Party,i made it as a way to make my little influence (myself being a Center-Left Progressive) in the major party of the Israeli left wing (and because when you're a kibbutznik,such as yours truly,it's almost expected from you,he he :)

The main problem with being a member of this party is that I always have to bare the big mistakes made by our leaders over the years:

In 1999,after 3 years of Netanyahu's rule,and after much hopes and expectations,Ehud Barak,former Commander in Chief of the IDF rose to power with a formidable result for the Party
only to make one little...really little mistake...he let SHAS enter his government,the same SHAS that,along with the other Ultras' parties,and self-hating seculars (aka secular right-wingers) keeps delaying the civil marriage law proposals since it's inception,and other pro-civil rights law proposals,"it's for the good of the state" our leaders said,and although some minor protests occurred (such as my father's termination of his membership) we reluctantly accepted,and we watched,not really surprised actually,how the religious parties undermined his coalition and his term became the shortest of an elected prime minister,falling short of full two years by a couple of months.

The party leader that followed him was the slightly incompetent,gray and uncharismatic Benjamin Ben-Eliezer (aka Fuad) who failed to make the smallest impression on the government (he was the MOD) ,let alone in his own party,and the next one was Amram Mitzna,which i have respect towards him because of his ideals,but he too lacked leadership,which is essential in a party full of instigators,and we were hardly surprised when he was,to pit it in mild words,jumped over by Ariel Sharon.

And then...Amir Peretz,frankly i had hopes for him,i really wanted him to succeed,because i...ahem...dislike Ben-Eliezer,and because I believe that Shimon Peres is at his best as a minor partner to the right leader...history proves it to us but he's still ignoring the hint...
So,i voted for Peretz,well,i think i was the youngest voter in the Labor primaries as well as in the chairman elections.i hoped and truly believed that he could do a lot to improve the situation here in the western Negev,as he lives right next to us,in Sderot,and for the Negev and the Galilee,that he could make a change in the social policies.
But he accepted the Defense Portfolio...

Still,I'll keep my upper lip stiff as usual and keep waiting for someone in the Party who can get close to the ankles of Yitzhak Rabin (RIP) which is,sadly,by now,a fairly decent thing to ask for any Israeli Politician.

Today's Song: All Together Now - The Farm
Today's Quote:
I'm a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I'm perfect.

24 October 2006

It's Raining Again...

Just on my way back home from my girlfriend's house in Tel-Aviv,there i was sitting half-asleep in the bus during the night ride when suddenly i saw some flashes in the horizon..lightnings...but I stepped out the bus when the rain was already over...pity.

Tomorrow I'm back in college to continue my math class,after missing two lessons in a row,i should better get a stronger grip on myself if i want to succeed and learn photography next year (my dream).

Today's Song: Let's Go Out Tonight - The Blue Nile
Today's Quote: "You're only young once,you can be immature forever"

23 October 2006

A Minor Disturbance

There I was,at college,minding my own business,studying in my math class when suddenly the familiar and automatic female prerecorded voice anounced "Tzeva Adom,Tzeva Adom" (Red color) ,which is the kassam alarm,and all we had to do is just wait and listen to the explosion sound right afterwards,maybe one day i can record the sounds so you also can have the experience as well :) .

Just good-ol' routine here,downloading episodes of my favorite TV Show,CSI,and CSI: NY is turning into my favorite of the 3,although i like the other 2 very much as well.

Today's Song: Soul Fossa - Woven
Today's Quote: "As I said before, I never repeat myself"

22 October 2006


well first of all...allow me to introduce myself,David is the name,why David you might ask? long story,all I can tell is that the statue of David,in Florence has something to do with that.

I live in a region in Israel called the Negev,well,the Western Negev would be more accurate,which is "worldwide famous" for being the area that surrounds Gaza Strip.

This is Gaza Strip,and the E Point is Kibutz Mefalsim,my Kibutz,Home.

As some people might know,our region is attacked daily by kassam rockets fired from our "neighbors",what i want to show the world is that although we are threatened on a daily basis,we're also keen on preserving our sanity,our "joie de vivre" and most of all,our attempts to live a life as normal as possible.

I know,because i do it too.

and this blog will be the account of my attempt.


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