My life under the iron rain

09 February 2008

Oh,the irony...

This morning I went to the clinic of the kibbutz to receive the results of a blood test i took some days ago,and i received a surprising result: I have a deficiency of vitamin B12,how did I got and what symptoms it may cause? well,apparently I'm not eating enough red meat,me,a native Argentinian,being told that he's not eating enough red meat,it's like a Chinese being told he's not eating enough rice,and it may cause attention disorders,mood swings and problems in the nervous system,the doctor actually recommended me to increase (albeit slightly) the quantities of red meat I consume,and I suggested my family to help me follow the recommendations :) but my mother insisted I'll get my vitamins from brown bread and other boring and weird other sources...oh well.

Today's Quote: Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

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