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16 February 2008

Negev residents demand secured rooms - Israel News, Ynetnews

Southern residents demand security: Residents of the southern Negev desert will be holding a demonstration outside the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on Sunday. Local residents, headed by regional council head Alon Shuster, will be protesting while a ministerial committee headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convenes in order to rule on fortifying Sderot and Gaza-region homes.

Shuster said that more than a year after PM Olmert promised immediate fortification for area residents, "we hope that proper decisions will be taken tomorrow and that the ministerial committee will adopt the IDF Home Front's decision to set up secured rooms, rather than all sorts of partial fortification solutions."

"We will not accept any solution except for secured rooms," Shuster said

Negev residents demand secured rooms - Israel News, Ynetnews

Alon Shuster happens to live in my kibbutz so it's nice spreading his word from time to time.

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