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13 February 2008

SDEROT...and the (not-so-sexy) rest...

While reading the English edition of Ynet I stumbled upon this:

A group of tourists from the United States and Australia who recently arrived in Sderot, found the visit to the police station to be "an eye-opener," and vowed to spread the word of what they saw, heard and experienced in Israel back in their home states.
Tourist says Sderot visit 'an eye opener' - Israel Activism, Ynetnews

It's a nice thing that people from abroad are interested in what's happening around here,but couldn't them (and the media as well) take a little more time also to visit the rest of the region as well?
You know,the western negev is not only Sderot,but also lots of kibbutzim and moshavim suffering too,kassam rockets hurting livestock,barely missing playgrounds and kindergartens,but I guess we're not that important for them because: a.we're too humble to mention it and b.Sderot,being a city,gets hit almost daily in houses and public places while the rest of the region,composed of small communities,get mostly hit in open grounds or agricultural fields,with the occasional casualty every now and then.

When the media will to recognize us too and how it's still a mystery to me...

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