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17 January 2007

IDF Chief Halutz resigns

An earthquake in the military and political echelon: IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz resigned Tuesday night. This was reported by the IDF Spokesperson's Office. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed deep sorrow over the decision. Olmert, who knew beforehand that Halutz was going to resign, asked him to reconsider, but according to the PM's Office, Halutz's decision was decisive and as such, Olmert has no choice but to accept it. Despite vast pressure exerted on Halutz recently, pursuant to the second Lebanon war, the general originally seemed poised for the opposite action. In a press conference presenting the post-war investigation findings, Halutz said "I haven't heard calls from my superiors for me to leave. When they tell me to, I'll respond." Halutz addressed the imminent report by the Winograd commission, expected in February, and stated that if the commission took a different stance, he would comply "as it required." "I chose to take responsibility," said Halutz. "There are those who interpret responsibility as running away. I chose to deal with the investigation and a nation demanding a solution. That is responsibility."

IDF Chief Halutz resigns - News from Israel, Ynetnews

15 January 2007

09 January 2007

The Grip in Concert!

Just came back from an acoustic concert of a band called The Grip,I enjoyed it pretty much,it was a nice place with an intimate atmosphere,and i took some pictures from it:

Check out their MySpace page,and their website and listen to some of their songs,they sing in english so the language is not an issue in this case,i'm pretty sure you'll like their songs very much like i do :)

Today's Song: There There - Radiohead

Today's Quote: 7/5 of all people don't understand fractions.

07 January 2007

Athlete stripped of Bahraini citizenship for competing in Israeli marathon (Ynet News)

Here's something i've found in the Ynet News website:

Authorities have revoked the Bahraini citizenship of a Kenyan-born athlete who ran in an Israeli marathon, the nation's athletic union said Saturday. Bahraini runner Mushir Salem Jawher competed and won the Tiberias Marathon in Israel on Thursday, ending the race in just over 2 hours and 13 minutes. Most Arab states do not recognize Israel, and the Jerusalem Post newspaper said Jawher was the first athlete from an Arab country to compete in an Israeli marathon. Jawher was born in Kenya in 1978 and moved to Bahrain in 2003, according to the International Association of Athletics Federation. The Jerusalem Post cited Jawher as saying he was "very proud" to have run in Israel. Even though Bahrain has no official ties with the Jewish state, "It is a free country," the athlete was quoted as saying.

Athlete stripped of Bahraini citizenship for competing in Israeli marathon - Ynetnews

Yes,as bizarre as it may sound,an arab state punished an athlete with the sole charge of being a true sportsman...

A Winter Casualty

As the winter finally came after a dry autumn,I fell prey to the flu,and suffered a severe cough,that cause my throat and tongue to sore,and when I wanted to sleep i couldn't because the coughing always woke me up,the sickness was the main reason why I didn't posted anything new on the last days.

In my despair i turned to cough syrup which didn't made the slightest change in my condition,now I'm taking cough pills which seem to work,albeit with its side effects,and it's always a good reason to enjoy one of my favorite drinks:lemon and honey tea.

On the other hand,the Winter always gives me the opportunity to take colorful pictures :)

Today's Song: Don't Panic - Coldplay

(the ONLY Coldplay song which i happen to really like and not automatically making my eyes to roll and my finger to change the radio and/or TV channel)

Today's Quote: The believer is happy. The doubter is wise.

02 January 2007

Changes in the view,changes in the calendar

Something has changed in the landscape of Mefalsim recently,almost overnight strange white blocks popped out of nowhere,after further observation I realized those strange blocks are mini-shelters strategically positioned in places where children frequent most.

In this reinforment process the Kindergarden and the Nursery have been fortified as well by an extremely thick concrete "roof over the roof" (when i'll find the right word for it i'll change it).

I wish that this year,2007,would be a more peaceful and tranquil year,to ourselves and our neighbors as well.


Today's Song: Hitherto - Cocteau Twins

Today's Quote: I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.


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