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22 February 2008

(Free) Music That Matters:The Prague Spirit EP - 1000000 a.d.

Well,as a way to avoid the common blackouts I suffer while updating this blog (not to mention the long periods between updates...) I'm stretching the features of this blog towards the inclusion of more music,I'm a big music lover so I'd like to help spreading music I personally like,and being in financial strides it's also a way for me to find full albums for free (and legally),and so,unashamedly borrowing (if not copying) from the great Free Albums Galore blog I'll show here my personal choices of free albums every now and then.

1000000 a.d.,is,according to their label "a loosely knit collective of musicians" and their only constant member is e-Thrice Manwerd.

This collection of songs is,stylistically,a mixture of lo-fi aesthetics,acoustic rock and crude electronic effects,interesting tunes and unusual rhythms,the lyrics doesn't mean much to me but the music here is too good to ignore.

Here is a link to download the full album legally.

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