My life under the iron rain

20 October 2007


Finally...after long months of waiting,I'll start the photography course in Sapir college,in order to make time for studying I had to quit my mind numbing and soul wrecking job (why do you think there wasn't any activity in this blog for half a year?) as a customer service clerk in HOT,the cable TV company. I do feel a little scared and nervous but I guess it's a natural thing when you start something new in your life,I hope that I'll make some progress in the way I portrait life and the way I look at it and develop new perspectives,in photography as well as in life.

Today's Song: I Turn my Camera On - Spoon

Today's Quote: Creativity is Great, but Plagiarism is Faster.

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Fabián said...

Mucha suerte en tus estudios.
Espero que saques muchas fotos por allí y las postees en el blog.


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