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27 October 2006

Black "Celebration"

Good morning to the nonexistent readers of this blog,I'm now resting after a nice monthly party of the Israeli Depeche Mode Fanclub ,it was fun,except for the sound,as usual,sometimes too loud,and sometimes you can hear yourself (and others) sing a beautiful song like a bunch of cats in a dark alley at night.
Anyway here is an official t-shirt from their last tour which i bought in last month's party:

Nice color,nice pic,looking good as usual...

And now let's look at the back of the shirt:

Lots of countries,Depeche are popular in more and more places...but wait,i see there's something that catches my eye...

Well,of course,our small country is listed right at the end,just i want to share with you a little fact about that concert in never took place!!!

Me and other hundreds,if not thousands of Israeli fans were full of joy when in December of 2005 Depeche Mode announced a long anticipated first concert ever in Israel,and we rushed to buy the tickets with 10-9 months in advance.

The months passed and we eagerly waited for the 3rd of August,but then the war in Lebanon erupted (I won't discuss about it in this post) and the eagerness was replaced with lots and lots of worries,but the band assured they will come,and if they announced it,it will eventually happen,right?

Well,as you know,and lots of us still remember,the show was canceled just THREE (3!) days before it was supposed to take place,and because it was supposed to be the final gig of the tour it was impossible to reschedule it.

The months passed,and now I know that my bitterness because of it,though justified,was also exaggerated,still,i feel a little pinch in my heart when i see that little ISRAEL in the list,or when I stumble by chance upon a note about the gig written before it,I still hope someday will come and I will have the pleasure to see my favorite band in my country.

The only thing that still pisses me off is when stupid people say to me:"I'm sure you felt REAL BAD when they canceled the show".

Today's Song: The Sun and the Rainfall - Depeche Mode
Today's Quote: Out of my mind. Back in five minutes!

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