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26 October 2006

Labor Accidents

I have a little confession to make,I'm a member of the (Israeli) Labor Party,i made it as a way to make my little influence (myself being a Center-Left Progressive) in the major party of the Israeli left wing (and because when you're a kibbutznik,such as yours truly,it's almost expected from you,he he :)

The main problem with being a member of this party is that I always have to bare the big mistakes made by our leaders over the years:

In 1999,after 3 years of Netanyahu's rule,and after much hopes and expectations,Ehud Barak,former Commander in Chief of the IDF rose to power with a formidable result for the Party
only to make one little...really little mistake...he let SHAS enter his government,the same SHAS that,along with the other Ultras' parties,and self-hating seculars (aka secular right-wingers) keeps delaying the civil marriage law proposals since it's inception,and other pro-civil rights law proposals,"it's for the good of the state" our leaders said,and although some minor protests occurred (such as my father's termination of his membership) we reluctantly accepted,and we watched,not really surprised actually,how the religious parties undermined his coalition and his term became the shortest of an elected prime minister,falling short of full two years by a couple of months.

The party leader that followed him was the slightly incompetent,gray and uncharismatic Benjamin Ben-Eliezer (aka Fuad) who failed to make the smallest impression on the government (he was the MOD) ,let alone in his own party,and the next one was Amram Mitzna,which i have respect towards him because of his ideals,but he too lacked leadership,which is essential in a party full of instigators,and we were hardly surprised when he was,to pit it in mild words,jumped over by Ariel Sharon.

And then...Amir Peretz,frankly i had hopes for him,i really wanted him to succeed,because i...ahem...dislike Ben-Eliezer,and because I believe that Shimon Peres is at his best as a minor partner to the right leader...history proves it to us but he's still ignoring the hint...
So,i voted for Peretz,well,i think i was the youngest voter in the Labor primaries as well as in the chairman elections.i hoped and truly believed that he could do a lot to improve the situation here in the western Negev,as he lives right next to us,in Sderot,and for the Negev and the Galilee,that he could make a change in the social policies.
But he accepted the Defense Portfolio...

Still,I'll keep my upper lip stiff as usual and keep waiting for someone in the Party who can get close to the ankles of Yitzhak Rabin (RIP) which is,sadly,by now,a fairly decent thing to ask for any Israeli Politician.

Today's Song: All Together Now - The Farm
Today's Quote:
I'm a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I'm perfect.

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