My life under the iron rain

22 October 2006


well first of all...allow me to introduce myself,David is the name,why David you might ask? long story,all I can tell is that the statue of David,in Florence has something to do with that.

I live in a region in Israel called the Negev,well,the Western Negev would be more accurate,which is "worldwide famous" for being the area that surrounds Gaza Strip.

This is Gaza Strip,and the E Point is Kibutz Mefalsim,my Kibutz,Home.

As some people might know,our region is attacked daily by kassam rockets fired from our "neighbors",what i want to show the world is that although we are threatened on a daily basis,we're also keen on preserving our sanity,our "joie de vivre" and most of all,our attempts to live a life as normal as possible.

I know,because i do it too.

and this blog will be the account of my attempt.

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