My life under the iron rain

15 November 2006

An unusual event

Last Tuesday,at math class,i had the middle-course test,against all odds and expectations,i received 65 points,and actually passed a math test,why i was so surprised you might ask,well,let's just say that math was,and still is,a nightmare,just looking at all this numbers gathered with letters,in grids,tables and strange structures freaks me up,I never was very brilliant at math as long as i can remember myself,and I was diagnosed with A.D.D. and dyscalculia,so it's also scientifically proven why i hate math so much,but destiny intervened and i have to receive more than 56 points at the final test,in January 29th,just 4 days after my 25th birthday,so i can study photography (a favorite hobby of mine) next year,and maybe,just maybe make a carrer of something which i happen to like very much.
Oh,the irony...

Today's Song: Numbers - Kraftwerk
Today's Quote: Me,ambivalent? Well,yes and no.

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