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19 December 2006

2 Different posts for the price of 1!

1st of all i want to be extremely original and accept Time Magazine's "Man of the Year Award" (along with millions and millions more :),I've made a little acceptance speech for the occasion:
I always knew since those lonely and long afternoons after-school back in 1995,while me and others were sitting and staring at the screen like zombies and waiting up to 5 min. for a website to fully load on Navigator ver.2,that something good will eventually come of this,i want to thank my computer teachers,Shem,for introducing me to this wonder,and Eli Bir,for letting me and others hang around in the technology room of the school and allowed me to keep discovering the hidden wonders of the Internet for hours as an unofficial after-school activity,I want to thank my parents for connecting our home computer to the internet and satisfying my growing internet addiction even further :) (applauds)

And now for something completely different.
A couple of hours ago I heard that Joseph Barbera sadly passed away,and myself being a HUGE Tom & Jerry fan,I want to make a very small homage to the man and the great couple he was part of,by posting one,IMHO,of the best Tom & Jerry episodes ever made:Pecos Pest

Today's Song: Boys don't Cry - The Cure
Today's Quote: A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

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