My life under the iron rain

30 December 2006

Snoring in the face of danger

My Father (left) and some old dude checking a fallen kassam rocket,Mefalsim,31.8.06.

People in this region,myself included,got accustomed to hear the kassam alarms almost on a daily basis,people even make jokes about it,for example,when we hear the explosion sound that follows the alarm people say it's Ahlama Peretz (the slightly obese wife of Amir Peretz) jumping into a pool...
There are people here that are terrified when the alarm rings,and it's the most natural reaction i can think of,but more and more people are getting apathic about this almost to the point of being nonchalant,people died already from the rockets,but we keep something of a "stiff upper lip" in the face of danger,people living in the north maybe can relate to that behaviour but people living in Central Israel (the vast majority) just can't understand it,one friend of mine from Tel-Aviv visited me and when we were leaving the grocery store the alarm started and she was very surprised that people kept behaving like nothing happened,like they sensed no threat,and I slowly walked with her under the outer roof of the store,just in case;my girlfriend (who also lives in Central Israel) stayed over to sleep in my house,the alarm ranged in the morning and it woke us up,and she couldn't believe that my first reaction was to sleep again immediately.
This reality of our lives being threatened daily is turning us indifferent about it,it's not very natural,but it's something close to a survival strategy,we have 2 choices,to act like this and wait for the best or to live in fear and panic and satisfy the terrorists.

Today's Song: Jeopardy - The Sound
Today's Quote: If you think there is good in everybody,you haven't met everybody.

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