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20 February 2007

New Hasbara Strategy: The MySpace Diplomacy

In yet another "brilliant" and "bold" move made to boost our Hasbara (the art of improving Israel's image in the world,mainly in the western media) policies,the Israeli consulate in NY opened a space for "the state of Israel" in MySpace,when i saw the headline,I thought it was a joke,maybe not a funny one,but still a joke,but no,an Israeli official,acting on behalf of the state made this stunt seriously thinking it would make the slightest contribution to the ailing "media war" with the Palestinian side,and what we have in the page,pretty girls,touristic photos,and photos of local celebrities,and some Hollywood stars in the friends list,Leonardo DiCaprio,George Clooney,Natalie Portman,and Regina Spektor (who?) among others,while the Palestinian side uses people with high IQ's and impeccable speech and manners to act on their behalf,and brilliantly,we are only left with trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the world's youth.

When i thought the image of our country was cheapened enough i saw that the same people responsible for the bizzare idea mentioned above also opened a blog called isrealli,which has,among it's very "Zionist" content,a video of Bar Refaeli posing in bikinis for Sports Illustrated,it seems that people are trying to win support for Israel through the hormonal activity of young men.

Now look,don't get me wrong,if a private person would make his own space making his own effort of showing another side of Israel,like I try to do for my kassam-stricken region,it would as understandable as welcomed,but in this case,the government,and it's representatives at home and abroad,should refrain from pathetic attempts like this which only degrades and cheapens our already deteriorating image to the world.

Today's Song: Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols

Today's Quote: Whoever said nothing is impossible,never tried slamming a revolving door...

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