My life under the iron rain

07 January 2007

A Winter Casualty

As the winter finally came after a dry autumn,I fell prey to the flu,and suffered a severe cough,that cause my throat and tongue to sore,and when I wanted to sleep i couldn't because the coughing always woke me up,the sickness was the main reason why I didn't posted anything new on the last days.

In my despair i turned to cough syrup which didn't made the slightest change in my condition,now I'm taking cough pills which seem to work,albeit with its side effects,and it's always a good reason to enjoy one of my favorite drinks:lemon and honey tea.

On the other hand,the Winter always gives me the opportunity to take colorful pictures :)

Today's Song: Don't Panic - Coldplay

(the ONLY Coldplay song which i happen to really like and not automatically making my eyes to roll and my finger to change the radio and/or TV channel)

Today's Quote: The believer is happy. The doubter is wise.


Fabián said...

Nice picture!

It was the first song by coldplay I've ever heard. Made me want to listen to the whole album. Parachutes is really nice, come on!

David said...

I like the song because it matches my usual mood,which is slightly melancholic,but the rest it's just not enough melancholic,it's too upbeat...and I won't even mention what I think of the singer nowadays...


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